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Tucson Office Listings | Tucson Commercial Real Estate

Preview our Tucson Office Listings: Tucson Realty & Trust is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage specializing in the sale and lease of office, retail, industrial, investment properties, land, farms and ranches. We are committed to excellence and require our brokerage professionals to be experts in their chosen field. Below are some of our highlighted Tucson Office Listings.  Details and Broker…Read More→

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Commercial Office Space in Tucson | Tucson Real Estate

You’ve found the perfect commercial office space in Tucson. You’re ready to sign the lease and get moving. Before you do, you should understand the different types of commercial leases and know exactly what you’re signing up to be responsible for.  It’s not always as straight-forward as you think.  For example, who will be responsible…Read More→

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Tucson Office Market Overview 2016

TUCSON OFFICE MARKET OVERVIEW Michael A. Gross / Douglas Richardson Office / Medical Leasing Specialists January 28, 2016 For the second half of 2015, we continued to see an increase in activity, but it seems that companies are still looking out in the market only to go back and renegotiate with their current landlords, although…Read More→

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Tucson Realty & Trust Co. Office Team Gives Office Market Overview for 2015

TUCSON OFFICE MARKET OVERVIEW Michael A. Gross / Douglas Richardson / Tari Auletta Office / Medical Leasing and Investment Specialists January 29, 2015 Although Tucson Realty & Trust Co.’s year-end report does not necessarily line up with CoStar’s year-end report, we both agree that there has seemingly been increased activity in both the Office Market…Read More→

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