Tucson Realty & Trust at 100 years

Tucson Realty & Trust at 100 years


“We’ve been here since the year before Arizona became a state. I remember when my father was dying, he told me lots of things about the company history. I wrote it on a piece of paper at the hospital. It all started with, there were these three guys.”…

As the third-generation CEO and caretaker of Tucson Realty & Trust Company’s 100-year legacy, George Henry “Hank” Amos III embraces his grandfather’s and father’s heritage. Clearly, Hank Amos was close to his dad, George “Buddy” Amos Jr., who had a firm but wily way of influencing his career-related decisions.

Not wanting to be accused of nepotism by his employees, Buddy’s teaching opportunities pushed Hank to “earn his own stripes.” While attending Salpointe High School, Hank did filing at the business, long before computers.

“People knew I’m the boss’ son, so boom, they would just abuse me. I’m pulling and re-filing the same files give times in 20 minutes. It was crazy, I was being tested,” he laughed.

For college, Hank wanted to leave Tucson. His father’s reaction was flat-out no. “You’re going to school here and work at TRT,” Hank recalled.

So Hank, the double-major student in finance and real estate was “promoted” to office cleaner and other menial minimum-wage work during the summers.

After graduating in May 1981, Sundt Construction offered him a job in Australia. Buddy nixed that notion and nurtured Hank back to his roots. hank didn’t push back too hard because deep down inside he knew his destiny.

That August, George Amos III began his own Tucson Realty & trust legacy, starting in residential sales.

Hank’s grandfather, George Henry Amos, began the ancestry soon after “those three guys” became business partners. For $1,000, John McBride, J.A. Rogers, and Edward White bought a real estate company that Willis Haynes and Frank Culin started in 1907.

See complete article written by Roger Yohem from Inside Tucson Business

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