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Frank Arrotta

Frank Arrotta

years experience

Frank Arrotta has had a diverse and successful commercial real estate, advertising and marketing career. He started in real estate with Del Webb Realty & Management in the early 1980’s as an Office/Retail specialist. He then moved on to Tucson Realty & Trust Company where he focused solely on retail leasing and investments. Arrotta has also worked in sales management, where he has designed and implemented marketing solutions for radio, TV and digital sales teams.

Not everyone can effectively demonstrate a track record of true campaign integration between creative, media, marketing and real estate. He knows what’s important to you, the bottom line, reaching goals and positive ROI. That is always top of mind for him and he takes your needs along with your tenants needs very seriously.

With over 37 years in real estate and providing integrated marketing solutions, Frank Arrotta has discovered a particular marketing need in commercial real estate. By combining traditional marketing strategies with his real estate knowledge Frank has developed a tenant retention program that becomes an effective marketing and leasing strategy for perspective tenant’s and to retain current tenants.z

“I have worked with Frank for well over a dozen years. Frank was able to find me a buyer and structure an owner-financed deal that met all my retirement goals. I strongly recommend Frank and Tucson Realty & Trust.”

James Flores