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Tucson Office Midyear Market Overview 2016

TUCSON OFFICE MIDYEAR MARKET OVERVIEW 2016 by Doug Richardson Most of us love life in the ‘Ol Pueblo’, though likely not because it’s a dynamic center of commerce, and not even because the prospect for much improvement is on the horizon.  I love it because we don’t have tower cranes on every corner, we don’t […]

Tucson Office Market Overview 2016

TUCSON OFFICE MARKET OVERVIEW Michael A. Gross / Douglas Richardson Office / Medical Leasing Specialists January 28, 2016 For the second half of 2015, we continued to see an increase in activity, but it seems that companies are still looking out in the market only to go back and renegotiate with their current landlords, although […]

Insurance Tips Every Building Owner Should Know

Understanding & Avoiding the Vacancy Clause in Commercial Property Insurance For those of us fortunate (in most cases) enough to own assets in the form of commercial real estate, we soon discover that the operation and management of those properties is not always as easy and clear cut as it might appear from the outside looking […]