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Tucson CRE Midyear Investment Market Report

INVESTMENT OVERVIEW Michael Gross Investment Specialist With the Stock Market gaining over 2,500 points since the Presidential election, which is an approximate 13 to 14 percent increase, why would investors invest in real estate both nationally and locally?   The best answer is stability.   The stock market, though it is making unprecedented gains since the election, […]

Commercial Real Estate Midyear Review

Tucson Realty and Trust Co. held a press conference Wednesday to deliver its’ commercial real estate midyear review. Hank Amos, President and CEO of Tucson Realty and Trust Co. gave the market overview and Land report.  In February, Mr. Amos painted an optimistic picture of the local commercial real estate market, citing business friendly government and […]

Tucson Real Estate Investment Market Midyear Report

Tucson Real Estate Investment Market Midyear Report by Mike Gross The Tucson Real Estate Investment market is starting to rebound in 2016 with the Stock Market coming back and investment money starting to show up again.  The stock market, which is a pulse of the nation, hit 18,000 and continues to hover just under that […]

Tucson Office Midyear Market Overview 2016

TUCSON OFFICE MIDYEAR MARKET OVERVIEW 2016 by Doug Richardson Most of us love life in the ‘Ol Pueblo’, though likely not because it’s a dynamic center of commerce, and not even because the prospect for much improvement is on the horizon.  I love it because we don’t have tower cranes on every corner, we don’t […]

Tucson Area Land Market Mixed Bag

By Hank Amos CEO & Designated Broker It’s a mixed bag in the Tucson-area land market. While it is a great time for those looking to build their dream home to find a suitable lot to put it on in Metro Tucson, land for major homebuilders seeking to construct large subdivisions seems to be in […]

Industrial Market Overview 2016

INDUSTRIAL OVERVIEW Chuck Blacher Industrial Specialist January 28, 2016 The over abundance of crude oil is destabilizing markets and countries around the globe.  The one product that is so vital to our economy which you would think in over supply would have positive effects to our economy is doing just the opposite. Demand for U.S. […]