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What is a Cap Rate? | Tucson Real Estate Experts

What is a cap rate?  A cap rate is simply a formula for figuring out the ratio of a property’s net operating income to it’s purchase price.  In other words, it’s the estimated percentage rate of return that a property will produce on the owner’s investment. Cap rates are used for measuring the risk of…Read More→

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A Tradition of Trust | 100 Years of Excellence in Tucson

A Tradition of Trust. Tucson Realty & Trust Co. was incorporated under the laws of the Territory of Arizona on December 22, 1911. The bulls-eye was adopted as its logo that same year. George H. Amos came to work for the firm, sweeping the office, cleaning the spittoons and sprucing up rental homes. He became…Read More→

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Buckmaster Show Radio Interview with Hank Amos of Tucson Realty & Trust Co.

Check out the Buckmaster Show Radio Interview with Hank Amos, President of Tucson Realty & Trust Co. :                     Bill Buckmaster interviews Hank Amos about the commercial real estate scene in Tucson.

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Tucson Commercial Real Estate 2019 Recap and Forecast for 2020

Tucson Commercial Real Estate 2019 Recap and Forecast for 2020 Hank Amos, President RESIDENTIAL The residential market set another record for 2019.  Total Closed Volume sales were $4,510,710,696 up 10.4%.  Last year’s sales were up 10.2% over 2017.  Pretty remarkable.  Sales were up this year due to the strength of our economy over previous years. …Read More→

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Hank Talks About the Invest in Ed Proposition

August 7th Radio Interview Check out the interview where our CEO & President Hank Amos talks about the Investment In Education Act and it’s effect on the State’s and Tucson Economy… all on 1030 KVOI The Voice’s Wake Up! Tucson with Chris DeSimone…        

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Hank Amos Speaks at Benson Rotary Club

Hank Amos, CEO and President of Tucson Realty & Trust, was honored to speak at a Benson Rotary Club meeting on Sept 27th, 2017. His talk touched on relevant local topics including real estate, Tucson’s economy and the future for Southern Arizona. Thank you Benson for your wonderful hospitality, it’s always a treat to visit!

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Midyear Retail Market Overview

by Pat Darcy Midyear Retail Market Overview Urban Infill – Where the Action is As we reach the mid-year point of 2016, the Tucson Retail Market is continuing to maintain its momentum that started last year.  We can expect new retail developments to be announced in the coming months. In Tucson, urban infill is still…Read More→

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Tucson Retail Market Overview 2016

RETAIL MARKET OVERVIEW Pat Darcy Retail Division Head January 28, 2016 As we look forward to 2016, the Tucson Retail Market is steadily improving, similar in its performance to last year… three steps forward and one step back with the promise of new retail developments in 2016. In Tucson, urban infill is where the action…Read More→

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