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You’ve found the perfect commercial office space in Tucson. You’re ready to sign the lease and get moving. Before you do, you should understand the different types of commercial leases and know exactly what you’re signing up to be responsible for.  It’s not always as straight-forward as you think.  For example, who will be responsible […]

A Tradition of Trust | 100 Years of Excellence in Tucson

A Tradition of Trust. Tucson Realty & Trust Co. was incorporated under the laws of the Territory of Arizona on December 22, 1911. The bulls-eye was adopted as its logo that same year. George H. Amos came to work for the firm, sweeping the office, cleaning the spittoons and sprucing up rental homes. He became […]

Hank Talks About the Invest in Ed Proposition

August 7th Radio Interview Check out the interview where our CEO & President Hank Amos talks about the Investment In Education Act and it’s effect on the State’s and Tucson Economy… all on 1030 KVOI The Voice’s Wake Up! Tucson with Chris DeSimone…        

Radio Interview with Hank Amos

June 7th Radio Interview Check out the interview of our CEO & President Hank Amos on 1030 KVOI The Voice’s Wake Up! Tucson with Chris DeSimone…  

Hank Amos Speaks at Benson Rotary Club

Hank Amos, CEO and President of Tucson Realty & Trust, was honored to speak at a Benson Rotary Club meeting on Sept 27th, 2017. His talk touched on relevant local topics including real estate, Tucson’s economy and the future for Southern Arizona. Thank you Benson for your wonderful hospitality, it’s always a treat to visit!

Hank Amos KVOI Interview

September 18th Radio Interview Enjoy Hank Amos’s interview on KVOI 1030 AM‘s Wake Up Tucson with Chris DeSimone on Monday, September 18, 2017… Hank Amos Radio Interview September 18, 2017

Industrial Market Midyear Report 2016

by Chuck Blacker Industrial Market Midyear Report 2016 Tucson’s Industrial vacancy rate increased from 9.3 percent at the end of 2015 to 9.4 percent in mid June indicating the continued weakness in this market. There seem to be some positive signs in Tucson’s general economic condition for the past six months with an optimistic outlook […]

Tucson Area Land Market Mixed Bag

By Hank Amos CEO & Designated Broker It’s a mixed bag in the Tucson-area land market. While it is a great time for those looking to build their dream home to find a suitable lot to put it on in Metro Tucson, land for major homebuilders seeking to construct large subdivisions seems to be in […]

Tucson Real Estate Investment Market

 INVESTMENT OVERVIEW Terry Lavery Investment Specialist January 28, 2016 The Tucson Real Estate Investment market for the beginning of 2016 could not have started the new year in any worse way. The stock market, which is a pulse of the nation as to its near term future, opened the year with over 75 percent of […]

Industrial Market Overview 2016

INDUSTRIAL OVERVIEW Chuck Blacher Industrial Specialist January 28, 2016 The over abundance of crude oil is destabilizing markets and countries around the globe.  The one product that is so vital to our economy which you would think in over supply would have positive effects to our economy is doing just the opposite. Demand for U.S. […]

Tucson Retail Market Overview 2016

RETAIL MARKET OVERVIEW Pat Darcy Retail Division Head January 28, 2016 As we look forward to 2016, the Tucson Retail Market is steadily improving, similar in its performance to last year… three steps forward and one step back with the promise of new retail developments in 2016. In Tucson, urban infill is where the action […]

Tucson Office Market Overview 2016

TUCSON OFFICE MARKET OVERVIEW Michael A. Gross / Douglas Richardson Office / Medical Leasing Specialists January 28, 2016 For the second half of 2015, we continued to see an increase in activity, but it seems that companies are still looking out in the market only to go back and renegotiate with their current landlords, although […]

Factoring Triple Net Charges When Negotiating

Factoring Triple Net Charges When Negotiating By Pat Darcy Sometimes I receive calls from people looking to open a business and lease retail space for the first time. They inquire about the quoted lease rate for a particular building or shop space in a retail center.  I give them the quoted lease rate and then […]

Terry Lavery Weighs in on Tucson’s Logistics Potential

Terry Lavery, of Tucson Realty & Trust Co., weighs in on Tucson’s logistics potential from the Arizona Daily Star  by Gabriela Rico National companies Eyeing Tucson’s Logistics Potential The industrial market in Tucson is getting new attention from distribution companies that once snubbed the Old Pueblo for locations in California, Nevada and Texas. Hovering at around […]