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Tucson Commercial Real Estate 2019 Recap and Forecast for 2020

Tucson Commercial Real Estate 2019 Recap and Forecast for 2020 Hank Amos, President RESIDENTIAL The residential market set another record for 2019.  Total Closed Volume sales were $4,510,710,696 up 10.4%.  Last year’s sales were up 10.2% over 2017.  Pretty remarkable.  Sales were up this year due to the strength of our economy over previous years. …Read More→


Tucson Office Listings | Tucson Commercial Real Estate

Preview our Tucson Office Listings: Tucson Realty & Trust is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage specializing in the sale and lease of office, retail, industrial, investment properties, land, farms and ranches. We are committed to excellence and require our brokerage professionals to be experts in their chosen field. Below are some of our highlighted Tucson Office Listings.  Details and Broker…Read More→

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Commercial Office Space in Tucson | Tucson Real Estate

You’ve found the perfect commercial office space in Tucson. You’re ready to sign the lease and get moving. Before you do, you should understand the different types of commercial leases and know exactly what you’re signing up to be responsible for.  It’s not always as straight-forward as you think.  For example, who will be responsible…Read More→

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What is a Cap Rate? | Tucson Real Estate Experts

What is a cap rate?  A cap rate is simply a formula for figuring out the ratio of a property’s net operating income to it’s purchase price.  In other words, it’s the estimated percentage rate of return that a property will produce on the owner’s investment. Cap rates are used for measuring the risk of…Read More→

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Being Pre Qualified vs. Pre Approved and Knowing the difference

Being Pre Qualified vs. Pre Approved and Knowing the difference. If you have ever purchased real estate, chances are you’re familiar with the phrases “pre-qualified” and “pre-approved”. While some people use them interchangeably, there is actually a huge difference between the two. Applying for a commercial mortgage can be slow and require much documentation. Fully…Read More→

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Buying Investment Properties | Tucson Commercial Real Esate

Tips for buying investment properties: Identify different types of commercial investment properties:  Before you invest, you’ll want to be familiar with the different types of commercial real estate on the market Retail buildings, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, apartment buildings and “mixed use” buildings, where the property may have a mix, such as retail, office…Read More→

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